Calling all Small to Medium and Small Office/ Home Office businesses. Can we ask a question? What if you had your own IT Department?

An IT Department that provides all the support you need like the bigger businesses have.

An IT Department that provides all the IT services from maintenance of printer and workstations to web design

An IT Department that responds to your growing needs and is not afraid of learning new technologies to better support your business

Forget for a moment your business size or cost, but would having your own IT Department make things easier for you? Would you be able to get on with your day knowing that your IT needs are taken care of? Would it help knowing that should a problem arise it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently?


At Glinkman Technology we know the answer is a cautious maybe but we also know what's holding you back. Forget your company size it doesn't matter how big your company is, whether there's just you and a computer or 20 people, we will look after you.


Cost is a big issue, you know you can't afford a permanent IT Department otherwise you'd already have one, but at Glinkman Technology we say don't worry as we can be called out as needed and as we only charge in 15 minute blocks you only pay for what you use.

You can call us out until 8pm on a weekday and 6pm on a weekend or Bank Holiday although if a problem is taking longer we'll work until the job is finished no matter what. You won't be charged extra for weekend or Bank Holiday callouts.


Hopefully we have addressed some of your concerns and you are interested in seeing what Glinkman Technology can do for you, so why not ring us on (0843) 289 6373 or drop us an email at or use the sign-up form below for a free no obligation chat today!



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 Why is Glinkman Technology different?

We offer the complete package when it comes to IT. Whether its designing your website or installing servers or even completing paperwork Glinkman Technology does it all.


We listen to you. We will advise on solutions that we think are best for your business but ultimately we work for you and we never lose sight of the fact that it's your business in our care.


At Glinkman Technology we keep in touch even if you only use us once a year and we're pleased to talk to you at any time.

Contact us now for a free consultation to determine your needs - that's right up to one hour consultation absolutely free of charge!

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